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This blog's purpose is for me to keep a garden journal of sorts. To detail some of the things that I accomplish in the garden and a little of what I do in my home as well. It will also be a place where I will post the photos that I love to take so much. Maybe a place to post my overflowing of pictures that I particularly like or find artistic. Some posts will be wordy...and some may have no conversation at all. Just a post to bring back to mind a lovely day or a meaningful memory. I have disabled the comments on this blog, but feel free to e-mail me for any questions about what you see here. My e-mail address can be found in my profile.

Monday, August 15, 2011

It can't be the middle of August!

I don't even want to say it out loud.
we are only a month away from our first killing frost.

Where in the world did the Summer go?

I haven't done half of what I have wanted to do this season.
But we really have had a beautiful gardening season here.

The daylilies are so pretty right now.

The daylily below is Carolyn Criswell.
So pretty!


They pop up everywhere in this garden...
mostly where I don't want them.

I just dig up the ones I don't want and let the others grow.

The Adelaide Hoodless rose.

 The clematis are beautiful right now.

The one below is Cometessa de Boucharde.
(I think I spelled it right)
It was my favorite...

...until this one took over the wire arbor.

I will need to look up it's name and put one on the new pole trellis Dale built
earlier this Summer

It is so showy.

The jury is still out about this hydrangea.
I planted it last year. I only got one because I wanted to test it out first to
see if it would thrive in our cold. 
It's called Invincibelle. I think I really do like it.
You can't compare it to the Annabelle, because if you do, it comes up short.
But if you look at it for it's color and form, it really is quite pretty.

I don't think I will find another hydrangea I like better than the Annabelle.

It really is a beauty!

 This one is Limelight and I love it as well.
It is just starting to bloom.
It is a little late this year.

A little white asiatic lily.


Please let the frost be delayed this year...just like our Spring was.