noun...1. seemingly effortless beauty or charm of movement, form, or proportion.

Grace Gardens is...

This blog's purpose is for me to keep a garden journal of sorts. To detail some of the things that I accomplish in the garden and a little of what I do in my home as well. It will also be a place where I will post the photos that I love to take so much. Maybe a place to post my overflowing of pictures that I particularly like or find artistic. Some posts will be wordy...and some may have no conversation at all. Just a post to bring back to mind a lovely day or a meaningful memory. I have disabled the comments on this blog, but feel free to e-mail me for any questions about what you see here. My e-mail address can be found in my profile.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

A riot of color!

Every year as I look over the garden day by day, I am always surprised
at how these plants burst through the ground and grow 
to maturity and fill the place with all this color.
They then color and shrivel and lay under the snow, only to do the same thing year after
year after year.
It really is a miraculous thing. 

A little bee enjoying the red pincushion flower

These self seed freely and will take over the beds if you don't keep them in check.

The peonies are now done blooming, but I have these drying in the bucket
to keep through the year.

This little daisy is a favorite of mine.

This is the prettiest rose bush.
The color of the foliage is a stunner in the garden.

The delphiniums are blooming now.
I lost many of these through the Winter this year and will have to buy
 more 4" cups and plant this Fall.

Because I HAVE to have them in the garden!

I am crazy about them!

This deep blue below is called 'Black Knight'

Foxgloves are also another must have for me.

The oriental lilies are now starting to bud.
Soon they will fill this garden with a heady scent that you cannot believe!

Speaking of frangrance...

the lavender is blooming.

So since it will be another year before I get to enjoy the peonies again,
I will close my post with more photos of this amazing flower.

I took enough pictures to last me a year.
You can be sure I will be sitting many a Winter's day
going over and over them.

The July garden is coming to a close now,
but August brings it's own beauty.
I am looking forward to see what is waiting
to show off it's color next.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

I love July!

I know I should love June being that it is my birth month,
and I do, but July is my favorite.

I love the celebrations we have in July, the fireworks, the perusing the flea markets,
the parades, the camping, etc.
 But what I really love is the show that goes on in the garden this time of year.

The poppie below is Royal Wedding and has just finished blooming.
I'm so sorry to see it go. It's one of my favorites.


I'll be back to show more July photos soon.